Gunner helped bring joy back into my life

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Dogs, Service Animals, Veteran

Finding the right companion can make all the difference in life. While for many people, a cherished pet may fill that role, for some, it goes deeper with an animal of an entirely different variety -service animals. For me, my service dog Gunner is more than just a beloved four-legged friend – he changed my life entirely! He opened up opportunities and gave me a freedom I had never experienced before and I will never forget all he does to help me get on the path toward health and recovery.

This is how Gunner helped bring joy back into my life and why getting him as a service animal was one of the best decisions ever made.

Thanks to Canines For Heroes, November 2022 with a personal service dog was one of the best decisions in my life. Having Gunner accompany me throughout life has not only been a great companion but has also given me tremendous relief from my PTSD and PTSD-related problematic sleeping patterns. With his help, I went from suffering 2 or 3 attacks a month to just 1 every 3 or 4 months and no longer blackout. His leash walking, basic obedience, long stays, and automatic sit-and-stay are impressive, giving me even more confidence in him as my service dog and companion. Having him around has truly made all the difference, providing true joy and emotional support I couldn’t have received anywhere else. The bond between us is unique and special; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Through thick or thin we have stayed together creating an everlasting friendship that will continue to blossom while providing relief from PTSD to make everyday life just a little bit better.

Generosity is one of the best traits a person can possess, so if you have been looking for an opportunity to support veterans, getting involved with Canines for Heroes is a great option. This organization not only helps cover costs associated with providing these life-saving dogs but also gives donations and grants to collaborate for Fences and Homes Needs with Home Depot. Your contributions go towards making sure that more veterans are able to connect with therapy and service dogs, helping them have a better quality of life, and that’s something really special! In the words of the founder himself, “Sometimes a dog can be just as important as medicine. Mark LaFlamme” . Give and be part of this noble cause today by donating to Canines For Heroes. Together we can make a difference!