An Opportunity To Have Fun and Do Good

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The annual Backwoods Blast is just around the corner and excitement is already in the air. This event, on October 22nd from 11:30 am to 5 pm, is an opportunity to have fun and do good.  The Backwoods Blast is a celebration with a purpose –  It’s a fundraiser for Canines for Heroes. Last year, the event raised a whopping $15,000. For every $8500 A highly specialized PTSD service dog is funded and trained for a local Veteran or First Responder. This year, our goal is to have 120 teams of 4 and raise more than $25,000. We are seeking support through t-shirt sponsorship, ammo sponsorship, golf cart sponsorship, and raffle item contributions.

The Backwoods Blast is an amazing day, filled with activities, delicious food, and of course the clay shoot. It is open to anyone who wishes to participate and enjoy the day with us. The event brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to have a great time while supporting a worthy cause. The festivities include a sporting clay tournament, raffle, and prizes. Canines for Heroes is a non-profit organization, and the money raised goes directly to the training and support of the dogs and their recipients. Service dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while providing their partners comfort, companionship, and love. They improve the overall quality of life of those who might be struggling due to the trauma they have experienced. These dogs are highly specialized and trained by professionals.

A PTSD service dog placed by Canines for Heroes is 100% effective in reducing the risk of suicide.  Studies have shown that just one dog placed affects more than 430 people, providing hope and healing to the veterans and first responders trained with them. The well-being of our heroes is crucial, and we can all play a part in making a difference. Join us on October 22nd and contribute to this noble cause.

We are also seeking sponsors for the event, specifically ammo, golf cart, and t-shirt sponsors. Your contribution to the cause is not limited to the day of the event. Those who wish to support the cause can still do so through donations, as every dollar raised goes towards the training and support of dogs. We also welcome any raffle item contributions that are in good condition, as they help in expanding the fundraiser’s reach.  In conclusion, join us at the 2023 Backwoods Blast for a fun-filled day in support of a noble cause.

Your contribution, no matter how small, can help change the lives of veterans and first responders who have served us selflessly. With your help, we can exceed our goals and sponsor more service dogs for those who need them. Let us all come together to celebrate, have fun, and support our heroes.

Sincerely, Sandra LaFlamme President and Organizer &  Mark LaFlamme, Lt Col US Airforce Retired, Founder and Vice President