The Sarasota Department of Emergency Services: Providing Premier Public Safety Services for Sarasota

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Emergencies can happen anytime and anyone can be at risk. That is why it is crucial to have reliable and efficient emergency response teams that are always ready to provide assistance. In Sarasota, Florida, we have the privilege of having a highly certified metro department that serves the community through public safety protection.

The Department of Emergency Services is responsible for various areas of public safety protection, including fire protection, fire prevention, emergency medical response, beach safety, disaster response, disaster planning, public safety communications support, and 9-1-1 technology support. With its highly trained team and advanced technology, Sarasota enjoys lower insurance and better rescue when emergencies happen.

The department works closely with different first response agencies across the county to ensure that citizens receive prompt, effective, and high-quality emergency services. Moreover, the department works with the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office to maintain and support operations of the emergency 9-1-1 call center. This means that Sarasota citizens and visitors have 24/7 access to emergency services.

The Department of Emergency Services is composed of four divisions: Public Safety Communications, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Operations, Emergency Management, and Lifeguard Operations. All these divisions work together to ensure that Sarasota has premier public safety services. The team strives for service and operational excellence, constantly looking for ways to improve their services and make them stand out in the public safety industry.

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The Department of Emergency Services is a vital asset to Sarasota’s public safety. With its highly trained team and advanced technology, the department ensures that citizens and visitors receive reliable and efficient emergency services. The department’s four divisions work together to provide premier public safety services, constantly striving for service and operational excellence. Moreover, we at Canines For Heroes support our Emergency Services with highly trained service dogs when they need us. With The Department of Emergency Services, Sarasota can rest assured that it is in good hands when emergencies happen.

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