Vinca – The Essential Worker Who Changed My Life

by | Oct 14, 2023 | Dogs, First Responders, Service Animals, Veteran | 0 comments

Everyone has someone who comes into their life and changes everything. Sometimes we don’t even know we need that person until they’re there. For me, that person is an animal named Vinca, my service dog from Canines For Heroes. She’s more than just a companion, she’s an essential worker who helps me in so many ways. I’ll share just a few ways Vinca has changed my life for the better.

When I first got Vinca, I didn’t really understand just how much she would help me. I knew that service dogs could be trained to do things like retrieve items or open doors, but I didn’t realize all the other ways Vinca would make my day-to-day life easier. For example, she helps keep me calm in situations where I might feel anxious or overwhelmed. Simply having her by my side is often enough to quell my anxiety. My military flashbacks are now to a minimum and I feel more free to be me.

One thing that particularly surprised me was how much Vinca helps me with my medical appointments. I have a condition that requires me to go to the doctor fairly frequently, and Vinca comes with me to every appointment. She helps me navigate the medical facility, stays by my side during procedures, and even helps me communicate with my doctors when necessary. Having her with me has made a huge difference in how I feel about going to the doctor.

But perhaps the most unexpected benefit of having Vinca in my life was how she propelled me to be more involved in my son’s school. After seeing how much Vinca helped me in my daily life, I wanted to share her with others. I started bringing her to my son’s school to help with morning drop-off. Pretty soon, I was volunteering regularly and I eventually won the Volunteer of the Year award. All of this happened because of Vinca. She gave me the confidence to get more involved and to make a positive impact in my community.

In addition to all the practical ways Vinca helps me, she’s also just a joy to be around. She has a silly, playful personality and she’s always ready to snuggle up for a good cuddle. Whether I’m having a great day or a terrible one, she’s always there, wagging her tail and ready to give me some love.

Vinca truly is an essential worker who has changed my life in countless ways. From keeping me calm to helping me navigate medical facilities and even inspiring me to volunteer more in my community, she’s had a huge impact on me and everyone around me. I’m grateful every day for her presence in my life, and I hope that by sharing my story, others will understand just how incredible service dogs can be.  Donate now to help Click: