Kelso Has The Keys

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Dogs, First Responders, Service Animals, Veteran | 0 comments

Kelso is a highly trained service dog who has the keys to happiness for his recipient John. We start our training knowing that dogs have been our loyal companions for centuries. They aren’t just pets, they are our friends, family, and protectors. Many people experience immense emotional support from their furry companions. But the relationship between a human and a dog is much deeper than that. At Canines For Heroes, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a hero, and every first responder or veteran suffering from PTSD has the potential to find relief through the right dog if a dog is prescribed. We describe advanced actions as:  Recipient needs are expressed (Known or unknown) — Service Dog Answers.  We keep the “Action”  focused for healthy and happy outcomes with our dogs and our people produce amazing results in their lives.

We believe that the relationship between a human and a dog should be based on communication, organization, and mutual respect. Every dog is unique, and each has the potential to be a hero or a faithful companion. The key is understanding the potential of each dog and matching them with the right owner. We do this by taking great care in selecting the right dogs and then training them in advanced actions.

Advanced actions include watching the owner with hearing impairment, guiding, alert work for PTSD, and much more. One example is Kelso. Kelso is a highly trained dog who has multiple layers of training, including guiding, alert work, and watching the owner to compensate for hearing impairment. Many of our Veterans and First Responders have been around continuous blast, banging, and environmental exposure that produces the hearing loss. It is so common we continuously train our service dogs to be more watchful than normal. Kelso has been matched with a military veteran named John who suffers from PTSD. John has found that Kelso is the right antidote for what’s missing in his life. Kelso is always looking to please and produce, and that’s what makes him the perfect dog for John.

We focus on building a bond of trust and mutual respect between the dogs and their recipients. We believe that when the dog is engaged, it continues to bond, grow and actually becomes more capable. This leads to a better quality of life for the recipeint. The more engaged the dog, the more its abilities shine through. This is achieved by practicing advanced actions, which include verbal and nonverbal commands, sound cues, and complex tasks that involve decision-making skills.

The success of advanced actions with dogs relies heavily on breed, training, and the recipient’s willingness to engage in the training process. Certain breeds, such as Belgium Malimois, German Shepherds, Cattle Dogs, Retrievers, and Labradors, are well-suited for advanced actions. At Canines for Heroes, our relationships with breeders and rescue groups help us always have the right dogs for the job. Positive reinforcement in training, which includes lots of praise, and love motivates us and the dogs to learn and perform better.

The bond between a human and a dog is a remarkable thing. The relationship is built on trust, mutual respect, and love. At Canines For Heroes, we take this bond to the next level by focusing on advanced actions. Advanced actions have the potential to transform the lives of both the dog and the owner. They inspire confidence, teach valuable skills, and provide support for people who need it the most. Canines for Heroes is providing a unique service that brings hope to Veterans & First Responders who are struggling with PTSD. With the right dog, training, and recipient, advanced actions has produced remarkable results.