A Veteran’s Story of Finding Joy Through Canines For Heroes

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Dogs, Service Animals, Veteran

I’m a Vietnam Veteran who used schooling afterward to become a CPA. After years of success, I suddenly found myself struggling with the residual effects of PTSD and was eventually fully disabled. Little did I know that one small change would make a world of difference – having a trained service dog from Canines For Heroes. This year, I’m taking my first cruise, thanks to this amazing organization! Let me tell you how Canines For Heroes changed my life overnight and why you should consider them for your service dog needs.


How My Life Changed Overnight with Missy

At first, I didn’t think that getting a service dog was going to make much of an impact on my life. But as soon as Missy came into my life, everything changed – literally overnight. She was always by my side and became an invaluable source of comfort and companionship during the tough times. Having her around made it easier for me to cope with the PTSD symptoms that had been bothering me for so long.

Furthermore, Missy also gave me something else – hope! With her help and guidance, I was able to start doing things that I’d never thought were possible before – like participating in Honor Guard activities or even going on vacation! It felt incredible to have something positive in my life after such a long period of darkness and despair.

The Benefits of Canines For Heroes Training

Canines For Heroes provided me with not only an amazing companion but also incredible training services for both myself and Missy. Sandra and the k9s For Heroes Trainers there put us through extensive training sessions designed to teach us how to work together as a team so we could get the most out of our relationship- no matter where we were or what we were doing. These sessions taught me valuable skills that allowed me to be more confident while out in public with Missy by my side, which has made all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying activities together!

Canines For Heroes has been an invaluable resource for me over these past few years and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today- planning my very first vacation abroad! If you’re looking for a great charity that really does the job right for a trained service dog or even just some advice about working with your animal companion, then look no further than Canines For Heroes- they’ve got it all covered! You won’t regret it!

Fred Schneider

This organization is life changing for veterans and their families. Every dollar contributed to Canines For Heroes allows for more veterans to have access not only to the companion of a dog, but also access to emotional support and holistic care when living with PTS and TBI. Those who donate should know that their dollars are making an incredible impact on the lives of those who put so much on the line for our country and our freedoms. Additionally, volunteers of all kinds help sustain this organization’s mission, from providing services like Veterinarian care to hosting events to spread awareness and gain more financial funding. In short, Canines For Heroes brings hope in an often turbulent world; they bring light in dark times. We must continue to give back as individuals, supporting causes that create lasting change. Therefore, it is my sincere hope that by now you are inspired to Make A Difference in your way by donating to Canines For Heroes.